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Library Bulletin Board: Fall 2013

Bulletin Board Fall 2013
Descriptions and Examples of Apologetics

“Perspectives for Pondering” (articles with a point) include:
Think Again – The Gentle Goldsmith, by Ravi Zacharias.
Getting a Grip on Christian Apologetics, by Alex McFarland.
Did Baby Jesus Wear Diapers? by Alex McFarland.
Useful Apologetics Websites.

This was my first use of QR codes to provide links to the articles posted, otherwise people would have to remember to go to the library web site for the links.


Library Bulletin Board: July – September 2013


Theme: Summer Travel –  visit other times and places through books.
Books recommended were:

The Lamb Among the Stars trilogy by Chris Walley (post-millennial science fiction)

First Light by Bodie & Brock Thoene (first in the A.D. Chronicles series during the life of Christ)

Prophet of Fire by William Stephens (the life of the prophet Elijah)

Gods & Kings by Lynn Austin (first of five books on King Hezekiah and following kings)

Out of the Silent Planet & Perelandra by C. S. Lewis (classic science fiction)

The Firebird Trilogy by Kathy Tyers (science fiction of a pre-Messianic world)

Florian’s Gate (Priceless Collection trilogy) by T. Davis Bunn (takes place in Poland & eastern Europe)

No Graven Image by Elisabeth Elliot (missionary novel about the sovereignty of God)

The Last Sin-Eater by Francine Rivers (an Appalachian folklore story foreshadowing truth)

Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur (the effects of church legalism on a family)

The Yada-Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson (first in a series about the lives of Chicago women who meet at at a women’s conference)

Turn Four by Tom Morrisey (families in the world of NASCAR)

Library Bulletin Board: May–June 2013

The text of the book mark and theme of the bulletin board:
10 Great Reasons to Read
1.  Read to understand the past.   (church history)
2.  Read to explore your world.   (missions work past & present)
3.  Read to plan for your future.  (college planning & marriage advice)
4.  Read to visit new places.  (biographies & historical fiction)
5.  Read to create great things.  (child-rearing, marriage)
6.  Read to make a good decision.  (decision-making)
7.  Read to have fun.  (Christian humorists)
8.  Read to exercise your mind.  (apologetics & doctrine)
9.  Read to keep in touch.  (current events & issues)
10. Read because you can!


Library Bulletin Board March – April 2013


Library Bulletin Board – Feb. – Mar. 2013

Library bulletin board for February to March, 2013

Library bulletin board for February to March, 2013

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