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Book Review: In Capable Arms

In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace, by Sarah Kovac, Abingdon Press, 2013.


Many books have been published telling the story of a person living with one kind of disability or another, showing how they have come to terms with their limitations and live their life successfully. This is another similar story, but with some added dimensions that make it more personal for the reader.

Sarah has had a condition from birth where her arms are weak and mostly fixed in terms of motion. She does many everyday activities with her feet instead. In this book she tells her story of growing up, attending college, getting married, and having children. In each stage of her life she has had to learn how to balance the limitations of her condition with her desire to be as independent as possible. Sometimes it means having to accept help in some situations, deal with those who want to “help” too much, or enduring the misunderstanding of others. Through it all the Bible and her faith in God provide a backup store of encouragement and love when situations are difficult.

Throughout the book are questions presented for readers to examine their own reactions to the difficulties and problems of their own life, if they will take the time. As Sarah points out, everyone is struggling with something, even if it’s not as apparent as her disability. She is very articulate in her writing, has thought through the ramifications and challenges of her situation, and is forthright in encouraging readers to do likewise in their own lives.

(This ebook was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)